by Annabelle Darcy

Instagram, a place to let your inner photographer shine.

Gone are the days of having to develop the film in your camera, having hundreds of printed photos stuffed into one cupboard, and gone are the days of your mum taking a pile of printed photos to coffee to show her friends. All iPhone users treasure the beautiful app we call instagram, and #insta it really is. Take a photo and instantly you can upload it with an effect of your choice for your ‘followers’ to comment and like. Having uploaded 323 photos on my own instagram to date, I definitely have developed a relationship with the platform that I cannot see ending anytime soon.

So what does instagram have in relation to Henry Jenkins description of convergence?

“By Convergence I mean the flow of content across multiple media platforms, the cooperation between multiple media industries, and the migratory behaviour of media audiences”

Well just that.  So lets take a look at the triangle –


Technologies really have developed over time, we are now living not with analog, but digital content, which we can process quicker then before and instagram showcases just that. Not only is instagram a place to upload social photos for your friends to see, it is also fast becoming a source for businesses. Being a user myself I already follow a few brands that where unknown to me before joining. Instagram is being used by businesses such as Senso to showcase there new stock and repost photos of all those who have taken a photo themselves with there brand new senso shoes on. But let’s take a step back, Senso is already a pretty well developed company, it is a label called Cabin and Cove I want to focus on. I’m sure very few people have heard of this label as there only source of business is through instagram. They post photos to there instagram with new stock and then you can email them to order it, doesn’t seem very efficient, but when you are scrolling through the photos on your homepage and a beautiful bag is pictured how can you resist when it is right in front of you? This also shows how audiences are turning from passive customers to active participants and how we are now not just consuming content, but producing, sharing and consuming content. This is a big step in the right direction for businesses like Cabin and Cove starting out with a media platform such as Instagram. And how could we forget industries which focuses on how to manage the flow of content, well it’s all about control and referring to instagram controlling the photos you upload onto your instagram profile and for a business, finding a way to maintain control of there products when they are being broadcasted so widely.

I believe instagram is a very strong emerging platform that will be used for much more then just ‘pretty photos’.

I’ll keep you posted.